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Custom Dress Fittings - How they work

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Custom pieces do not come ready-to-wear, so below are a few ideas on how the fitting process works and tips on how to help it run smooth.

Before any of the actual fitting process begins, make sure to have the appropriate undergarments, shoes, and accessories ready to go. Too often than not, customers show up to their dress fittings without the appropriate items and have to reschedule fitting or proceed through the fitting with the items they have on hand. If you are in the position where you need to proceed with the fitting using the items you have on hand a few things can occur:

- Not having the intended undergarments can provide a different look with the piece

versus the garments you have on hand.

- Not having the intended shoes can create variations in hem lengths due to the height

differences of the shoes.

- Not having the intended accessories can cause an incomplete picture of the whole

look and potential style clashes when the intended pieces are completed.

The first fitting will take place once your piece has been assembled, but has not yet been completely sewn. You will be asked to try on the piece with the intended undergarments, shoes, and accessories, then the fitting will begin. Make sure to look for any bunching, sagging, length differences, correct color, correct fabric, and at the overall fit. The seamstress will then make notes and markings as they see fit, and ask you what you would like to change. After the fitting the you will agree on a date for you final fitting and pick up, then the seamstress will get to work on final sewing of your piece.

The final fitting is intended to try on the piece one last time and ensure it fits just right. In that case, you are ready to go and may leave with your piece. In the event that minor alterations need to be made once again, the seamstress will work with you on timing. These alterations are generally small and not labor intensive, therefore, do not take too much time.

Make sure to voice your opinion during all of the stages of you fitting, in the end this is your piece, for your day.


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