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Process for Custom Clothing Pieces Explained

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Phase 1 - Design the Garment

A style is selected from a commercial pattern, a picture, a work sketch, or a ready-to-wear piece. Any piece can be recreated with slight variations and with the wearer in mind.

Phase 2 - Create or Modify Pattern

The pattern can either be purchased or created. In the process of creating a pattern, it is tested for fit and re-designed as necessary.

Phase 3 - Engineer the Construction

Samples are sometimes made to have a visual representation of various stitch techniques, fabric colors and textures, as well as interfacings. This allows the outcome to become a set of instruction for the assembling of the piece.

Phase 4 - Cut & Construct the Garment

Using the pattern and samples, the piece is now cut out and assembled.

Phase 5 - Alter Garment & Adjust Pattern

The wearer can now try on the piece to measure the fit and overall appearance. The piece is then altered, if necessary, and completed.


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